The Complete Sub 4 Hour Marathon Plan

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The Complete Sub 4 Hour Marathon Plan


Everything you need to go sub 4 hours in one simple and easy to follow plan.

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Are you frustrated that you haven't broken the sub 4 milestone yet?

Are you fed up with picking up annoying injuries during training?

Or maybe this is your first marathon and you want to smash it?

If so, the Complete Sub 4 Hour Marathon Plan is ideal for you. It includes the following:

  • a full 16 week running programme - a clear guide to follow so you don't have to worry about what to do next

  • warm-ups and cool downs - keep aches and pains away

  • strength and conditioning sessions - become stronger and remain injury free

  • a foam rolling routine - ensure your muscles are given the attention they need

  • exclusive video content - demonstrations of every exercise (with coaching points)

(Please note that distances and paces in this plan are prescribed in miles and time per mile)

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1. Who is the plan for?

This plan is best suited to intermediate runners with some experience of regular running and maybe even a marathon or two under their belts. Obviously as stated in the plan title, the goal is to take someone from basic training up to a sub 4 hour marathon. If this doesn’t sound like you yet, check out our sub 5 hour marathon plan here.

2. How long is the training plan?

The plan lasts 16 weeks building up to race day. It’s important to allow the full 16 weeks of training as it’s progressive in nature and planned as a whole.

3. Do I need to do anything before I start the plan?

Ideally you’ll already be running on a fairly regular basis. Bare in mind the longest run in week 1 is 7 miles so this should be comfortable for you. If you’ve not run much before, or not for some time, maybe this plan would be better for you.

4. I’m under 18 years old, can I do the plan?

No, we do not recommend this plan to youths or adolescents. We’d recommend finding a coach or running club in your local area.

5. I’ve had some health issues in the past, can I do the plan?

While nothing in this programme is inherently bad for your health, we are not doctors and make no medical claims. Always consult your GP first if in any doubt.

6. Does your plan include strength work?

YES! We have included strength endurance, running mechanics and strength work as well as all the required warm-ups.

7. Are there demonstration videos for all the drills and exercises?

Absolutely. You’ll get videos and/or images for everything in the plan.

8. Will I need any equipment for the strength work?

We do suggest that you use a foam roller and a resistance band for a few exercises. We recommend which ones to get in the plan.

9. Are things like the stretching and cool downs important? We don’t see them in other plans.

Yes, if it’s in the programme, we consider it important. We’ve given you everything you need to be a better runner and keep you progressing.

10. I don’t currently have access to a gym, will I be able to do everything in the plan?

Definitely! We’ve planned this so that anyone, anywhere can complete the training programme. A gym would make some things easier but is not essential.

If you have any questions which haven’t been answered above, please feel free to contact us.

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All users of this programme should be at least 18 years of age. All users should consult a physician before beginning an exercise programme and the information provided is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease or medical ailment.

Your use of any of this information is entirely at your own risk, for which we shall not be liable. It shall be your own responsibility to ensure that any information or products available or recommended in this programme meet your specific requirements. This product is for information purposes only.