Strength & Conditioning Sessions

Strength and conditioning for runners has often been a topic that's divided opinion in the past. Typical concerns include gaining body mass and experiencing soreness that has a negative impact on running. However, the scientific evidence is now clear cut. If performed and programmed correctly, strength and conditioning has the ability to:

  • Reduce risks of injury

  • Improve running economy

  • Help maintain good running form

  • Produce more force and therefore more distance with each stride

  • Reduce body fat levels

  • Improve flexibility, mobility and coordination

Strength and conditioning sessions are typically one hour long and take place at PerformancePro which is a fully equipped training facility located in the heart of London's West End. For more information please get in touch.



1 Session - £90 Per Session

5 Sessions - £85 Per Session

10 Sessions - £80 Per Session

15 + Sessions - £78 Per Session

At PerformancePro, there are no memberships, contracts or tie-ins. There are also no hidden extras so towels, toiletries and lockers are all included.