1-1 Running Technique Classes

As a runner, having an efficient, effective technique should be a top priority. If form is poor, then with every stride energy is being wasted and the body is at risk of picking up an injury. 

The aim of a 1-1 running technique class is to develop a runner's form by replacing common flaws such as over striding, over flexing at the hip and dragging the trail leg, with positive traits such as high cadence, running tall and picking up the trail leg.

Alterations can be made very quickly, and with just a few tweaks your running could be significantly improved. A typical session consists of the following:

  • Original running style is video recorded at the start of the session

  • Footage is slowed down and throughly analysed by the coach

  • Areas that require attention are worked on by the coach and athlete

  • Post coaching footage is video recorded and improvements are discussed

  • After the session, the runner receives an email with full details of what adjustments were made, and guidance on what to focus on going forwards

For more information, please get in touch.