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Many years ago I briefly played football at a decent standard. I enthusiastically showed up to day one of pre-season training, which was described as a conditioning session with a local ‘top fitness trainer’. I was genuinely excited and wondered what we’d be doing. In reality however, it was absolutely ridiculous!! We warmed up by running round a football pitch five times then straight into a circuit of the following exercises (30 repetitions per exercise):

Burpees – push ups – squats – mountain climbers – jumping jacks – sit ups – one minute recovery.

Sounds tough, but not horrific right? But here’s the catch… once we did them all, we did the same circuit again for 29 repetitions, then the same circuit again for 28 reps and so on until we got down to one rep!! Whilst we were reasonably fit and they were only bodyweight exercises, 465 reps of each exercise caused utter carnage! Hamstrings were going everywhere, people were vomiting off to the side, all whilst this clown leading the session thought he was the best trainer in the world!

What’s the moral of this story?

With summer coming, this is typically a time of year when people start training routines. Perhaps you’ve chosen a class you like the look of, or you’ve started working with a trainer or coach. If you have, then great and I really hope it’s going well! But just a friendly piece of advice… keep an eye out for the jokers like the guy in the story, as they do exist. Just because you’re exhausted, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good session. There’s a simple saying in the fitness world that’s very true…

‘Any idiot can make you tired!’

If you’re working with someone who’s just shouting orders at you until you’re in pieces, or someone who’s clearly making things up as they go along with no consideration of repetitions, sets, rest periods, amount of work already done etc, then there are far better options out there for you!

A good trainer or coach will of course challenge you as your body needs to be stressed to adapt and improve. But they’ll also take into account your capabilities, your goals, your training history, your injuries and so on. And crucially, they’ll have a plan of how to get you from point A to point B safely and successfully using good form.

Please be careful out there folks. There are a lot of choices and it can be difficult to know who’s a good person or company to work with. If you’re interested in one to one training with us, please feel free to get in touch.

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