Optimising training during lockdown

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This pandemic has undoubtedly changed some if not all of your plans for this year, and we’d expect that includes races and how you are training. With an unprecedented amount of time at home it would be easy to fall into a ‘run everyday’ mentality. We don’t think that’s necessarily your best option though.

Why not just run more?

Being at home all the time can be boring, trust us we are in the same boat, but that doesn’t make running EVERY TIME the best use of your one daily outing. Those who ran everyday before the lockdown may well maintain that schedule (although we suspect you could be training smarter). But those who ran three or four times per week would not do well adding another three or four runs per week without some sort or gradual increase.

Smart programming is required whether in lockdown or not!

If part of your goals is to increase your frequency of running then remember the 10% rule. That is to say that each increase should not exceed a 10% jump on the previous week. So stagger the additional runs by using a run/walk or a shorter run as you build up. Otherwise it is easy to overload certain muscles/joints/tissues and get injured – the last thing we want in this period!

What about using recovery runs or even walks?

You could maintain your current training programme but add in specifically easier or slower runs to aid in the recovery from your harder sessions. Even a walk can help flush out the muscles and get you back to full fitness a little quicker than sitting around.

Strength sessions at home?

Following government guidelines you could stay home and exercise. We recently released a simple bodyweight home training plan that nearly ANYONE can do. Those of you who have a few bits of kit – ideally some bands and a kettlebell or two – will be able to really make some progress in this period. To download that free plan, click here.

Please note, after clicking on the link, be sure to download the file before using. This will make navigation and the opening of links much easier. Alternatively, right click on the link and save to your computer.

Identify your biggest weakness now!

Simple but, let’s say, less interesting stuff like calf strength or hamstring rehab is the ideal thing to do now. There are loads of areas we normally neglect for lack of time. We all have that one area we know we should work on but haven’t quite gotten around to it… Well now’s the time!

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