How To Pick The Right Pair Of Running Shoes

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Let’s be honest, with heavy marketing and the constant introduction of new technology, it can be tricky to choose a pair of running trainers that are ideal for you, particularly if you’re new to the sport and haven’t tried many brands or styles. So today, I’d like to take a look at the important things to keep in mind when choosing a shoe:

Comfort is key

It may sound obvious but you’re going to be in these trainers for hours. So when trying them on, take some time, have a walk around (and ideally a run if the store has a treadmill) and ensure that they’re comfortable. Make sure they’re not too tight, I was talking to a podiatrist colleague of mine just yesterday who told me that 80% of his patients turned up in trainers that were too small for them when they first visited him.

Not all brands have the same sizes

It’s essential to remember a certain size in one brand may be completely different from the same in another brand. For example, I know from first hand that a size 10 Brooks shoe is very different from a size 10 Adidas shoe. If you’ve used a particular make for a while but you’re looking to try another, don’t assume you’ll require exactly the same size. As always, it’s best to try before you buy and be willing to make alterations if it means more comfort for yourself.

Choose what’s right for YOU

There’s a lot of choice out there. But just because a certain shoe has the ‘latest’ technology or is the most expensive, it doesn’t mean it’s the best fit for you. We’re often told that ‘this part of the shoe does this’ and ‘this part gives you that’, but my advice is try a few different pairs on, disregard the marketing spiel and decide what feels right for you. It may be a bit of a trial and error process but you’ll know when you’ve cracked it, and once you know what your ideal trainer is, you’ll be set for years to come!

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