A Guide To Holiday Training For Runners

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As summer is now well and truly here, it seems appropriate to write a holiday related article today. Now if you want to rest up and sit by the pool with a pina colada while you’re away, that’s of course completely fair enough! But, if you do want to get some holiday training in, here’s some simple advice on how to do so efficiently and effectively:

Get it done early

If possible, get out and train first thing. Doing this will be a lot easier (and far more likely to happen) than getting a session in later on in the day when you’re in relax mode. Also, knowing that it’s done and in the bag will allow you to enjoy the rest of your day more.

Do bursts rather than long runs

As we discussed in the previous article, interval training provides a great workout in a short space of time, meaning you can get your work done quickly then get back to relaxing. Remember to use intervals of 20-120 seconds and if you’ve not done maximum effort sprints in a while, we suggest starting with longer duration intervals. Use rest periods that really allow you to recover.

Choose circuits

Again to limit the time spent training, you could carry out circuits. This means choosing a series of exercises and performing them one after the other with a short but manageable rest period in between each exercise. Depending on your fitness level, you could do two, three or four rounds of the circuit and be finished in no time.

Don’t over-do new exercises

When selecting exercises, avoid anything you haven’t done much of before. Stick mainly to the tried and tested as the last thing you want to do is perform a completely new movement, put your body under high levels of stress and pick up an injury. After all, we should return from our holidays feeling better and fresher than when we left!

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