Staying Active Through The Christmas Chaos!


Train when you can regardless of time available - It may be that you only have a spare half hour or even 20 minutes to get moving. If so, crack on and do it! Not every training session has to be a mammoth run or an epic gym session. A bit of training here and a short burst there will all add up. The idea that a session isn't worth doing because time is short should be completely disregarded!

Choose time efficient exercises - When time is short, plan a session you can still get a lot out of. If you're running, then perhaps get some intervals in as these can be extremely productive (and over very quickly!). If it's resistance work you're looking to do then maybe create a circuit of exercises that require minimal rest periods between each movement. Perform two or three rounds of this circuit and you've got yourself an effective workout in no time at all.

Don't let the weather dictate - If temperatures plummet over the next month bringing snow and ice, then it's a good idea to have a backup plan. As boring as it may be, the treadmill is always a safe (and usually available) option. If you're not a member of a gym, it's worth taking a look online and finding one that's local to you. These will almost always offer a one off pass which could tide you over for a short space of time and ensure you don't miss your planned runs.

By Marc Brown