Forefoot Running - Remember to drop the heel!

Last week, I assessed a runner with a forefoot strike technique. This is a style that's often used and has major benefits when it comes to speed. The problem with this particular example was that the runner wasn't dropping the heel at all after the forefoot struck the ground. It was no surprise that he was suffering from calf and achilles issues and was unable to run for a prolonged period of time without pain kicking in.

If you look closely at the above video of me imitating his technique you will notice that I'm constantly running on my tip toes and the heels do not touch the surface at all. What I should be doing is landing on my forefoot then lowering the heel so that it 'kisses' the surface before raising again so that I can push off into the next stride. If the heel stays raised the whole time the demand on your posterior lower leg will be significant and this could lead to time on the sidelines.

So if you're a forefoot runner, make sure your whole foot makes contact with the ground, even if it's for a split second. It won't slow you down and it could really benefit you with regards to injury prevention. Or if you're unsure please feel free to contact us to book in a running technique assessment.


Written by Marc Brown