Meet The Coach

Marc Brown - Bsc CIRF CSCS

Hi, I'm Marc, a UK Athletics qualified running coach and NSCA certified strength and conditioning specialist based in Central London. I began personal training in 2005 having graduated from Loughborough University the previous year. I loved training people from the outset, however as time passed by I became more and more passionate about distance running as I began to compete in the sport myself. So in 2010, I decided to focus solely on working with runners by creating Complete Endurance Running. 

Speaking to runners around this time, it became clear that many focussed their efforts just on logging miles, and whilst this is of course essential for development, other aspects of training such as strength and conditioning, injury prevention and running technique are also of the utmost importance. Therefore, for the past 8 years I've worked daily with athletes, helping them to become stronger, more efficient and injury free.

Outside of one to one work, I'm extremely proud to be the running advisor to WellChild - The National Charity for Sick Children. I began working with this wonderful organisation in 2014 and I've provided guidance and advice to hundreds of their runners during the past 4 London marathons.

As well as coaching, I regularly provide talks and I've presented my theories to numerous running clubs and stores, including Bank of America Merrill Lynch running club, and Run and Become running store in London. I also regularly write for or contribute to various websites, blogs and magazines including Running Fitness Magazine, Men's Health and AskMen.